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The resurgence of vinyl is driven by a greater value exchange between Artist & Fan. The LP record delivers the artist’s intended sound quality and vinyl sales benefit artists more than streaming. Discovering and playing vinyl records is a cultural activity that feels good and disrupts our digital world.  

Vinyl album sales in the United States have grown for the 13th consecutive year. In the next 12 months vinyl will overtake CD sales in the U.S.. 


Through STREME Sessions we developed three unique programs for retail partners looking to capitalize on vinyl interests. We activated relationships with artists, artist’s management and major labels to explore these differentiated programs.   


Once we established interest from a major retailer we began assembling a cross fusional team that consists of business development, retail sales, creative, A&R, artists relations, visual merchandising and marketing, retail operations and inventory management. From concept to shelf we developed, directed and delivered exclusive product in the fall of 2019. 


We have three concepts in development within the Vinyl Junkies brand. We are looking to expand beyond music into vinyl culture. This is an ongoing and exciting trend within entertainment. Join us as we pioneer the resurrection of prerecorded music revenue for artists and their labels.