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Retail Sales & Operations

CITIES Retail Sales and Operations collaborates with the biggest brands and retailers in the world, working in close partnership to offer the exact range of complimentary support and services to fit any partner’s needs, from business plan development to analytics and everything in between.

  • Offices in Minneapolis, Seattle, Bentonville, Detroit, Atlanta, Mooresville, and Dallas.
  • Dedicated teams at Target, Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, CVS, Walgreen’s, Lowe’s and Home Depot
  • Expertise in broad category range including Grocery, Health and Beauty, Personal Care, Baby, Pet, Electronics, Home, Entertainment, Toys, and Sporting Goods.
  • Services and support in sales, business plan development, retail operations, reporting, data & analytics, shopper insights, competitive analysis, product development, pricing, packaging, manufacturing, supply chain, distribution strategy, marketing and creative.

We are energized by the diversity of our partnerships, from established brand to re-brand…from start-up to start over.

The market is evolving and every brand is working overtime to meet the needs of customers. We understand how hard you’ve worked to get where you are today. It’s likely your story is a story we understand and know how to elevate and deliver to retail.

Wherever you are on your journey…ask CITIES.


Justin Karkoc at CITIES